Brief History
Since the very beginning of his career as a speaker, Doug Hanson has never called himself a “Motivational Speaker.” Instead, he refers to himself as a “Transformation Coach” because,

“That’s what people do every day. Whatever roles we have, each one of us transforms the world – ourselves first, then those around us – with our thoughts, behavior, attitude, and actions. Motivation, while important, is temporary. Transformations are for life!”

To pursue this mission, he founded Doug Hanson Performance Group and committed his life to helping people and organizations achieve their full potential by improving their mindset, energy, skills and connection; and to relentlessly search for ways to make their transformation experience interesting, engaging, and enjoyable. Doug’s engaging speaking style and memorable messages allow him to connect with virtually any audience. In his presentations, Doug quickly moves people from complacent to engaged with a witty, hilarious, story-telling style that holds his audiences captivated. His combination of business experience, formal education, entertainment skills, and real-life stories of his own family and personal life allow him to balance his content with the right humor, anecdotes, and exercises.
Two Primary Requests
Because of this unique ability to connect, many of Doug’s clients contract him for other professional services as well, such as organizational development, consulting, strategic planning, and executive coaching. The two most frequent requests for Doug over the years have been,

“How can we keep the energy alive after our event?” and,

“How can we bring this message to everyone in our organization?”

Companies quickly realize the staggering expense associated with bringing even a limited number of employees together to a single location, and know intuitively that there must be something to reinforce the changes they discuss from these events throughout the company, but they don’t know where to start. On top of that, many business leaders avoid the very resources that dramatically improve their employees' engagement level ... not because they think "motivation" is unnecessary, but because they simply don’t know how to measure it. Ultimately, after an overwhelming investment in time and resources, and after affecting only a portion of their organization, leaders are left desiring something more substantial and lasting.

The whole focus of Measurable Motivation is to take the subjectivity out of motivation, as well as all the risk, ultimately taking the focus off of the decision, and onto the solution. We help you take the guesswork out of motivation, and create engaged employees with credibility and class.
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