Here’s how to take the guesswork
of motivation, and create engaged
employees with credibility and class.

Our whole focus is taking the subjectivity out of motivation, as well as all the risk. We have found that many business leaders avoid any attempt to improve their employees' engagement level ... but not because they think "motivation" is unnecessary, rather they simply don’t know how to measure their return on investment.
If Any Of These 6 Problems Sound
Familiar, Then You're In The Right Place:
  1. You feel your people have huge hidden potential, but you can't seem to generate sustained productivity.
  2. People are fearful of the current "economic crisis", and it has become a distraction in your organization.
  3. You are feeling stress and anxiety because your current plan for inspiring and motivating your team is inconsistent and unfocused.
  4. You have a shrinking budget, and are seeking creative solutions to maximize your training dollars.
  5. Your credibility and image are on the line, and you need measurable data to support your decisions for investing in your people.
  6. You’re short on time and have limited resources, so creating a plan is difficult.


A recent comprehensive study of over 85,000 people working for large and mid-sized companies revealed only 14% of employees were fully engaged on the job and were willing to "go the extra mile" for their employers. The study's conclusion stated, "There is a vast reserve of untapped employee performance potential that can drive better financial results, if companies can successfully tap into this reserve." 1

This is further supported by these statistics:
  • 59% of workers are "not engaged", 14% are "actively disengaged", and only 27% of workers are described as "engaged" in their work. 2
  • Research from over 1.5 million employees, 87,000 business units, and 30 industries concludes that actively disengaged employees cost the economy between $292 billion and $355 billion a year. When injury, illness, turnover and other factors associated with negativity or active disengagement are included, the cost quickly approaches a trillion dollars, almost 10% of the U.S. GDP. 2
  • 70% of employers thought their employees felt good about their workplace, but only 44% of the workers agreed. 3
Our Promises:
By choosing to partner with us, we promise these results:
  1. Witness Your Employees Playing Full Out. You will take your team from complacent to engaged, leading to greater individual performance and fulfillment.
  2. Experience a Culture of Success AND Significance. You will encourage your team to focus on creativity, innovation, and abundance vs. myopically focusing on current economic/industry conditions and fears.
  3. Provide a SYSTEMATIC PLAN for Motivating Your Team. Disjointed programs will become a thing of the past, and you will begin to see the power of sustained momentum.
  4. Impact Everyone in Your Organization Without Breaking the Bank. Our adaptable delivery methods allow you to reach more for less.
  5. Receive Appreciation from Employees and Kudos from Peers and Leadership. Lives will be transformed because of your decisions, supported by an ROI linked to measurable results and specific business objectives.
  6. Ultimately See Improvements in Your People, Performance, and Profits. The “People” side of business will begin operating in autopilot, so you can focus on other pressing needs.
The Measurable Motivation Method:
We have created a process that is flexible and effective, and can span anywhere from a one-hour keynote message to a full-year comprehensive plan. Our flagship services are briefly described below:
  • DOUG HANSON SPEAKING is committed to providing a world-class live event experience, from an engaging keynote at your next national convention, product launch, or incentive trip, to a full-day training for an executive retreat, sales training, team building initiative, and more. Recognized by countless companies such as Verizon, US Bank, DHL Globalmail, Southwest Airlines, H&R Block, and even the NFL as one of the most down-to-earth, dynamic, and memorable speakers they've ever experienced, Doug's message is guaranteed to resonate with your group. Contact us to find out the three things that make Doug unique from any other speaker in the world. Or read what others are saying at
  • META-MORE-PHOSIS is an engaging 8-Week online experience designed to help any business leader, at any level, in any industry, solidify a winning culture, and improve the mindset and energy of every employee. Developed as a complement and/or an alternative to Doug Hanson's live events, reach your entire organization without any loss in productivity. Contact us for a brief demo to see how you can motivate your team while also reaching your company’s business objectives. Or listen to an audio sampler and read hundreds of testimonials at
  • ASSESSMENTS: A foundation beginning with behavioral assessments, we have expanded our solutions to effectively measure internal values, personal skills and sales ability. With years of research and validity, our assessments are time-tested and proven to provide solutions for today’s business challenges with selection, satisfaction and development of a company’s biggest asset – people. Contact us to see how a simple assessment can lead to improved communication, teamwork, sales, and executive coaching. Or read more here.

Why We Guarantee Success:
  • Because we have years of research and practice, and have experienced success with some of the greatest companies in the world.
  • Because our solutions reach everyone in the organization (every level of education, every learning style) instead of just a select few, leading to sustained results.
  • Because our system is customizable vs. simply hawking "out of the can" products.
  • Because we measure success based on your input. Is it financial improvement? Increased productivity and creativity? Self-management? Personal responsibility? Stronger teams? We let you decide how our programs will be evaluated, we provide you with the relevant data, and then we let you determine their effectiveness.
  • Because it just makes sense to invest in your employees' personal and professional development!

In a study on the effects of employee attitudes and behaviors on financial performance, the results were no surprise: “There is a direct link between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction, and between customer satisfaction and improved financial performance.” 4

Staggering research reveals that stock prices of companies with highly engaged employees outperformed similar companies in the same industries by more than 2.5 to 1 during 2004. The stock prices of companies with disengaged employees lagged behind others in their industry by almost 5 to 1. 5

84% of highly engaged employees believe they can positively impact the quality of their company’s products compared to 31% of the disengaged. 72% of the highly engaged believe they can positively affect customer service compared to 27% of the disengaged. 68% of the highly engaged believe they can positively impact costs in their job or unit compared to 19% of the disengaged.
What Makes Us So Unique?
  • Our solutions were created on the front lines in response to client demands (vs. a self-proclaimed "Subject Matter Expert" spending years researching a specific topic, writing a book, and then tying every solution back to that book).
  • We have a solution for EVERY budget … including free.
  • We don’t get paid unless you see value. If you don’t see improvements in your people, performance, and profits, you don’t pay.
  • We make the operations easy. All you have to do is say “Yes”.
Let Us Help You Today:
  • Discover your personal "Motivation Score" for free in just 2 minutes.
    • Can you really measure motivation? Let us show you how!
    • See how your motivation score compares to thousands of others.
    • Immediately access your greatest strengths and weaknesses, as well as a personalized recommendation on how to improve.
    • Take two minutes for yourself, turn off your phone, close your door, and uncover what is driving you and what is holding you back. It's our gift to you!

  • Contact us online or call 281-391-7532 to schedule an appointment for a quick assessment of your needs and potential solutions.

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